Local Integrated Resource Planning

Integrated resource planning (IRP) is an analytical process used by electric utilities to compare demand and supply side options on an equal footing in order to determine the least-cost option for meeting future electricity demands. Local integrated resource planning (LIRP) is the same basic concept applied to constrained transmission and/or distribution areas. LIRP compares the avoided costs of expanding transmission and distribution plant with the cost of the complete array of distributed resource options, including efficiency measures, demand-response tariffs and programs, and renewable and traditional distributed generation. Using detailed market analysis models, FSC offers full-service LIRP consulting services, including comprehensive evaluation of energy efficiency, demand response and renewable energy options.

FSC worked on one of the first applications of targeted DSM implementation designed to defer distribution system constraints, PG&E’s Model Energy Communities Program, known in the industry as the Delta Project. He has continued to be involved in multiple LIRP initiatives, working with utilities from coast to coast. Dan has provided regulatory support services for utility management teams and is recognized as a national leader in Local Integrated Resource Planning (LIRP).