FSC Staff

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Name Position
Michael Sullivan, Ph.D. Chairman of the Board and Principal Consultant
Stephen George, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer and Principal Consultant
Josh Bode, M.P.P. Principal Consultant
Caren Leong, M.B.A. Vice President, Marketing Operations
Kenric Erickson, B.A. Senior Project Manager
Dennis Kopfmann, B.S. Senior Consultant
Josh Schellenberg, M.A. Senior Consultant
Candice Churchwell, M.S. Consultant
Jonathan Cook, Ph.D. Consultant
Donald Huffer, B.A. Consultant
Matthew Mercurio, Ph.D. Consultant
Ankit Jain, M.P.P. Senior Analyst
Michael Rohde, B.A. Senior Editor
Alana Lemarchand, B.S. Analyst II
Jeeheh Oh, B.S. Analyst II
Aimee Savage, B.S. Analyst II
Dan Thompson, M.P.P. Analyst II
Marshall Blundell, B.A. Analyst
Andrew Kramer, B.A. Analyst