Josh Bode, M.P.P.



Principal Consultant

Mr. Bode currently manages the majority of FSC’s demand response evaluation work. In recent years, he has led impact analyses of numerous demand response programs, including dynamic pricing tariffs, direct load control programs, interruptible tariffs, demand buy-back programs and capacity bidding programs. He managed a team of analysts and was one of the lead authors in FSC’s recent impact evaluation of PG&E’s SmartRate tariff, the largest dynamic pricing tariff program in the country. Mr. Bode also has extensive experience in the design, development and application of program design and cost-effectiveness tools for utilities and regulatory entities. He recently developed the engine underlying the first bottom-up, state-by-state, national estimate of DR potential—the FERC National DR Potential Assessment. He has worked extensively in quantifying DR benefits for AMI business cases and in quantifying reliability benefits—avoided outage costs—from smart grid investments. In addition, Mr. Bode has worked on multiple projects involving the quantification of customer participation decisions and has worked extensively with both revealed preference and stated choice data.

Mr. Bode has a rich background in applied statistical analysis and research design, with particular skill in handling large panel, time series and survey datasets. He has expertise in combining statistical analysis, optimization and risk analysis to produce decision-making insights. Mr. Bode was a key contributor to FSC’s development of load impact evaluation protocols in California and Ontario, Canada. Mr. Bode completed his Master’s in Public Policy—with an emphasis on research and statistical methods—at the University of California, Berkeley.