Caren Leong, M.B.A.



Vice President, Marketing Operations

Ms. Leong has directed national and international studies for governmental agencies, professional services firms, utilities, pharmaceutical companies, health-care organizations, multinationals, financial institutions, and law firms. She has managed the data collection for numerous evaluations including energy efficiency and advertising effectiveness. She oversees all aspects of FSC's field, phone, mail, and web-based survey projects, including focus groups and in-depth interviews; and secures on-site, real-time updates on all studies.

Over the years, she has managed a diverse array of projects, both in scope and design. Some of her projects required adherence to very complex data collection protocols, especially those that involve human subjects and illegal substance. In the utility field, she has assisted at least a dozen utilities with survey, marketing, and outreach efforts. The data collection she manages involves industrial, commercial, and residential customers.

In addition to survey work involving utility customers and the general public, many of her projects involved interviewing hard-to-reach populations such as persons living with HIV, men who have sex with men (MSM), juvenile delinquents, and seniors and persons with disabilities (SPDs). She has successfully completed more than 20 data collection and onsite audit projects in the United States and Canada.