2010 Load Impact Evaluation for Pacific Gas and Electric Company's SmartAC Program

SmartAC is an AC load control program run by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). The program is targeted towards residential and small to medium business (SMB) customers. Participating customers allow PG&E to install devices that can control the operation of their AC during periods of high system demand. These periods are referred to as events.

Estimates of event impact were developed using regression modeling on AC usage data collected from samples of residential and SMB customers during the summer of 2010. Average residential impacts during the 15 events of 2010 were 0.20 kW per AC unit. Average SMB impacts were 0.11 kW per AC unit. SMB impacts were smaller than residential impacts due to more moderate AC control strategies used on SMB customers and due to operational problems that caused many SMB customers to miss many events. The rate of missed events among SMB customers was 55% during 2010, but is expected to improve dramatically in the future.

In the immediate future the program is estimated to be able to produce a peak demand impact of approximately 100 MW on a typical event day.

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