2009 Load Impact Evaluation of San Diego Gas & Electric Company’s Summer Saver Program

San Diego Gas and Electric Company’s (SDG&E) Summer Saver program is a demand response resource based on air conditioning load control. It is implemented through an agreement between SDG&E and Alternate Energy Resources, formerly known as Comverge, and is currently scheduled to continue through 2016. This report provides ex post load impact estimates for the Summer Saver program for 2009 and ex ante load impact forecasts for 2010 through 2020.

The Summer Saver program is available to residential customers and commercial facilities that use up to a maximum of 100kW on average during a 12-month period. The Summer Saver season runs from May 1st through October 31st and does not notify participating customers of an event. A Summer Saver event may be triggered the day of an event if warranted by temperature and system load conditions.

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