Ex Post Load Impact Estimates for SCE's Demand Response Programs: Agricultural and Pumping Interruptible Program Real Time Pricing

This report provides 2011 ex post load impact estimates for the following Southern California Edison demand response programs: Agricultural and Pumping Interruptible program and Real Time Pricing tariff. The report contains an executive summary and one section for each demand response resource. Each section starts with a brief overview of the program objectives, history and current enrollment values. This is followed by a discussion of analysis methodology, including an assessment of the validity of the models and estimates. The remainder of each section presents the 2011 ex post load impact estimates.

In 2011, there was one AP-I event. This event took place on September 21 and lasted from 1:48 PM to 3:01 PM. From 2 PM to 3 PM, the load drop was 34.9 kW per participant with an aggregate load drop of 33.4 MW. The aggregate impact represents an 80.5% reduction relative to the reference load of 41.5 MW.

For RTP, the largest estimated load impact in 2011 occurred on September 7, for which the program generated an average load drop of 159.7 kW and an aggregate load drop of nearly 21 MW during the peak period from 1 PM to 6 PM. The aggregate impact represents a 15.8% reduction relative to the reference load of 133.1 MW.

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