2011 Load Impact Evaluation for Pacific Gas and Electric Company's SmartAC Program

This evaluation documents the ex post and ex ante load impact analysis, methodology and results for PG&E’s SmartAC™ program for residential and small/medium business (SMB) customers. The SmartAC™ program involves the installation of programmable communicating thermostats (PCTs) and/or switches in households and small/medium businesses with central air conditioning (CAC). When a SmartAC event is called, the control devices limit the duty cycles of CAC units or adjust thermostat temperature settings, thereby reducing demand.

There are three device types currently used by PG&E to control air conditioners and each has different functional capabilities. Understanding the differences in device functionality and operating modes is important because PG&E has taken a number of steps to increase load impacts from SmartAC by changing cycling strategies where possible.

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